Friday, January 22, 2016

Denton Days--Butterfly Wonderland

I almost didn't take the kids to Butterfly Wonderland because 1) we would get stuck coming home in rush hour traffic, and 2) we couldn't get there until 3:30, and it closes at 5.

I'm glad I decided to try anyway.
Worth the time stuck in traffic, and we had plenty of time to watch the movie, look at the exhibits, and linger in the conservatory.
My only complaint is the price. Admission is pretty steep and probably out of proportion to what is offered. But I figure we'll only go once--worth it for a one-time experience.

An accident slowed us down even more on the way home, but Hyrum said . . .
"That was my favorite Denton Day ever!"
Check that one off the list.

For information on Butterfly Wonderland, click here.


  1. We have a butterfly garden up here too and I have never, ever wanted to go. The Great Dane is a good grandfather, though, and he has taken the children, who LOVE it. I just don't get it. Good for you for giving the children a great day!

  2. We have an Elder from your Ward in our area. Elder Somersby

  3. We have a place kind of like this in San Francisco. We took our grandkids, and they were enchanted.