Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ketchup--Hike AZ

Over Christmas break I got on a hike kick. Maybe it was the weather, or maybe it was a touch of stir crazy, but whatever it was, we saw a lot of the AZ desert. I love it here, especially in the winter when the temperature is so enjoyable.

I took my Wolf scouts (and some of their siblings and parents) to the Wind Caves.

I took Lily and some of her friends up Camelback Mountain.
 Teenagers are fun to hike with, because everything to them is an adventure--who can climb higher or farther or faster.

 This may be my favorite hike in the Valley. It's tough but the view is unbelievable.

Karli and Annie joined us when we hiked through Papago Park's Hole in the Rock.
 This "hike" takes less than ten minutes, leaving lots of time to slide around to get down.

 My boys can never resist going higher and higher.

 See the boys in there? Look closely . . .
 There they are!

I dragged my little kids up "A" Mountain on New Year's Eve and found these funny selfies, too.

I hate to admit that I'd never hiked A Mountain. It's short, too, and many sports teams were using the trail as interval training. I saw a girls' track team, a boy's soccer team, a boy's track team, and a college fitness group (maybe Crossfit?) repeatedly ascend and descend.
Once was enough for her, but I think next time I go, I'll try to make a few trips.


  1. My friends and I have made 2 girls' weekends there in AZ. Both times we did hikes. I think we did Camelback and the other one was on the Scottdale side of things. But both were challenging and ended with a beautiful view and sore muscles.

  2. This terrain kind of reminds me of when I lived with my family in Rancho Mirage, CA. Near Palm Springs.