Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ketchup, Part 2

Still playing catch up around here.

Eve is taking dance this year--for the first time. She's always been so shy that she had no desire, but this year, her infatuation with ballet shoes and leotards conquered her fear of strangers and big groups.
Sometimes she still gets a little teary when it's time to go to class, but she really enjoyed her recital.

Micah is still pursuing his goal of becoming both Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson (the pianist and cellist from The Piano Guys). He had a piano recital (which I recorded and have yet to ask Brad's help in getting it transferred) and an orchestra concert for the holidays.
Cello comes really easy to him (because of all of his piano practice), and because he rarely touches his cello outside of school, I didn't think orchestra mattered much to him. I was surprised when he came home a little sad from school just before the semester was over. His orchestra teacher was moving, and the school would no longer offer the advanced orchestra. That made me reevaluate his interest in cello--maybe it's real? I'll have to see if he's ready for private lessons . . .

Eve's class participated in the first grade Christmas program. She was funny as she got ready for the show that morning. They were instructed to wear either a red or green shirt or dressy clothes. She opted for the summer dress and not matching flowery headband. I love that she already has her own sassy sense of style.

She read her part well and didn't act shy at all. I'm so happy she's overcoming her shyness. I was beginning to wonder if she would struggle all her life with it.
The sixth grade put together an Egyptian festival. Each student was responsible for their own costume, and artifact that would be uncovered in a pyramid, and their headpiece reflecting the Egyptian god of their choice. Micah chose Sobek, the crocodile god of the Nile and the military. It was a hard one to make.
But it definitely reads crocodile, doesn't it?
I tried a crazy thing with my hair one day. Yeah. It was a little strange, to be sure. Had to send that selfie to Lily and Brad to get their opinions.

I took the three little kids to see "A Christmas Carol" at Hale Theatre the week before Christmas. I was afraid it might be a little too complex for the two little ones, but Micah had read Dickens in his reading class, so I knew at least he would understand. Much to my surprise, they all enjoyed it and only needed a little explanation throughout. We may need to make this a Christmas tradition.
Speaking of Christmas, this is what our weather was like in December--absolutely spectacular. Eve loves helping her dad in the garden--and often wears a flouncy skirt while she's doing it.
We kept the front door propped open most afternoons so I could watch the kids play "fumble-roosky" with their dad (Don't ask me--I have no idea what it is).
 And of course, there's always a great AZ sunset.
And like most of the world, we saw Star Wars. My boys were so afraid someone would spoil it for them before we saw it on Saturday morning, but luckily, we heard nothing.
Now that it's been more than a month, I feel safe in saying--WOW! Adam Driver looks exactly like Severus Snape! And that's all I could think after he removed his mask.


  1. We thought he looked like Snape, too.
    And we always took our kids to A Christmas Carol, every year…a good tradition to consider.


  2. Did your husband ever get over his neck pain?

    1. His neck settled down after a few weeks and three rounds of steroid shots. He isn't pain free, by any means, but he is off all painkillers and has found a way he can sleep comfortably.