Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So . . . You Need to Watch TV Tonight!

So . . . Lily and I just got back from a quick trip to California. Why?

To see . . .
. . . American Idol!

I'll write more about our trip tomorrow, but tonight's show was taped yesterday afternoon when we were in the audience.

I guarantee you'll see Lily tonight--they pulled all the beautiful young kids and placed them around the stage. All us old geezers were in the balconies.

No complaints from me. My seat afforded a perfect view of Lily as she soaked in every minute of that experience.

Watch tonight!

She's pictured above with my favorite contestant--LaPorsha.

Enjoy, and come back tomorrow for the full scoop!


  1. We always watch AI but we lost power last night (tornado hit a couple of miles up the road from us)so we will watch it tonight on demand. How exciting you guys went to see a taping! We like LaPosha too. I'm thinking my hair was almost as big as hers with my spiral perm in the 80's! :)