Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bootleg Root Beer

Something about driving in the car pulls information out of kids. Have you noticed that?
My little boys and I were trapped together in the car for the next fifteen minutes as we drove to a rehearsal when Hyrum whispered loudly enough for me to hear . . .

"Micah, should we tell Mom our secret?"

Those two were harboring a deep, dark secret, and it centered around this 2-liter bottle of root beer.

Micah took over the story from there.

Hyrum, Thomas (their cousin), and I were down in the basement having a sleepover and playing XBox when Hyrum came running out of the guest room. "Guys! Guess what I found!" and he pulled out this huge bottle of root beer. We didn't know whose it was, but we all knew that if we told Mom then she would take it away.

So what did we do with it?

Well, we hid it under the sink in the bathroom that afternoon, and when nobody found it, we decided we could drink it. We took turns playing Madden 2016 (XBox football game), and when one of us got thirsty, we would say real loud, "I'm thirsty! Think I'll go in the bathroom and get a drink from the faucet!" Then we'd go in the bathroom, shut the door, pull out the bottle of root beer, take a big swig of it, then hide it back under the sink. We did that almost all night till we fell asleep!

The boys exchanged smug looks. I barely contained my laughter at their subterfuge.

Soda is a fairly rare commodity around here, to be certain, but I don't think it warrants treatment like a fifth of bootleg gin.


  1. This story makes me glad we forgot about that bottle in the cupboard. They obviously got more joy out of it than we would have! haha!