Monday, April 11, 2016

The Perfect Saturday

Ever have one of those weekend days that was . . . basically perfect in every way?

That was our Saturday. Cottony clouds streaked the AZ sky as a special treat. I watched these boys play a quick pickup game of baseball.
So bucolic.

Hyrum and Eve danced around in swimsuits . . .
 . . . throwing water balloons . . .
 . . . or spending time in the pool . . .

. . . while Micah mowed the lawn . . .
. . . and Brad decapitated a tree in the front yard.

 Everything is in bloom right now. I know it won't last for long, but I'm enjoying every second I can in this weather.
 Brad's roses have never been more proliferate. And we have more flowers on our bird of paradise plant than I've ever seen.
Where was Lily?
We visited her at work--her very first day on the job at Sonic. Hyrum and Eve were excited to watch her through the window as she made their drinks, and they tossed a frisbee around on the grass as we waited.
After six hours on shift, Lily was less than willing to get a picture taken to commemorate the big day.
 But I did try.
 Hyrum's face says it all. The day was spectacular.


  1. Yep, I love those sun-kissed weekends.

  2. A lady I work with just made a comment today that she wouldn't mind living in Arizona except you guys don't have green grass. I must show her your beautiful green yard!