Friday, May 6, 2016

Arizona's Mountain Spring

I spent a hurried twelve hours up north this week (and I slept for seven of them). We hit 100 degrees this week down here in the Valley, and it's hard to remember that the rest of the world is still enjoying spring.

I arrived at the cabin way past dark, ate a hasty dinner, then headed to bed. I left at 6 am and the golden sunrise was just peaking. I loaded my computer and bag into the car, and as I turned to lock the door, a surprise greeted me.
Lilacs are my favorite flower of spring, and they don't exist in Mesa. When I discovered last spring that they grow in Pine, I dreamed of planting some by the swing on the front porch. Brad had to go chop up a fallen tree a few weeks ago, and while he was there, he planted three bushes for me--a little love letter from him that I will enjoy for years. I plucked off one bunch and smelled it the rest of the day.

As I headed down the hill to the highway, this field of irises forced me to stop and pull out my camera.
Life has been extra hectic and stressful this week, but taking the time to smell the flowers even for a moment before I drove home calmed my racing mind.

God has created such a beautiful world. And we're so lucky to live on it. Take time to enjoy it today.


  1. Yes, you can always find something beautiful in this world to make you forget your troubles. I am so glad that you finally get to have a lilac bush!

  2. How wonderful that you have that mountain getaway!