Tuesday, May 10, 2016

End of School Crazy in Full Swing

When the school year winds down, kid activities ramp up. Have you noticed that? We have so much going on every night and so many school projects to work on during the day--hope we make it through!

Eve's dance recital was last weekend. She's been so shy most of her life that I haven't signed her up for anything like this before, but her friend was doing it. I hoped that would help her get over some of her shyness. She didn't love going to dance every time (and would complain that she wanted to play instead), but by the end of the year, she was walking into the studio without me, laughing and talking with her friends. Kids need to know they can do hard things, even if that hard thing is walking into rehearsal alone.

She loved that costume from the moment she saw it, but hated it from the second the scratchy skirt touched her belly. That girl is so sensitive to how clothes feel.
She's still in that stage of learning where she concentrates too hard to smile while she dances!
Annie was sitting by me in the audience, and she danced and clapped and sang and shouted, "Go Evie!"
Eve is different from most little girls her age--she hates to have her nails painted and refuses to wear makeup of any kind, even for the recital.
That girl knows what she likes and doesn't like, that's for sure.

I was so proud of her for conquering her fear. Once she's on the stage, her desire to please the teacher kicks in, and the fear disappears.
Dancing may be a one-time experience for her. I'm glad she did it! Great job, Eve!

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