Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2016 End-Of-School Wrap Up: Micah

Micah had one of his best school years ever for sixth grade. And by best, I don't mean easiest. Some of sixth grade was extremely difficult for him, but he learned about himself and improved skills he struggles with--organization and listening to directions.
Micah took an online math course through the school district this year. It was not his favorite format for learning, and he struggled through remembering to turn in assignments and listening to directions. In the end, he figured it out, and I was really proud of him for working through his problems. His final grade didn't reflect all he learned, but I know he's ready to apply those new skills in seventh grade. I'm always glad when my kids have something big in their lives that takes them time to figure out, presents them with roadblocks that force them to fail and pick themselves up, and in the end shows them they really can accomplish hard things. That was math for Micah this year.

Lucky for him, he had the best teacher ever. Ms. H has been Micah's teacher the last two years, and she is one of the few teachers who appreciates him for who he is--a really bright, somewhat scattered young man who talks too much on occasion and has great insight to add to classroom discussions. I'm so grateful for her and the time she's invested in Micah. I see it reaping big rewards already in his love of science and continued love of reading.
Of course he picked Peru for his country report . . . what other country in the world would capture his attention right now? (and we're down to less than four months till Ben gets home, but who's counting?)

In addition to a spectacular classroom teacher, Micah continued working with his stellar piano teacher. She's another person who really "gets" Micah. She pushes him to be better and reins in his silliness when necessary but caters her song choices to the fast, fun pieces he loves to play. As a mom, I love it when my kids find those adults in their lives who understand them and constantly spur them to work harder and be their best. Micah participated in the Arizona Study Program for piano again this year. He went in pretty confident about his pieces. Can you tell?
After completing the written exam (last year was his first year taking theory, and he got a mediocre 78--this year, he understood much more and was pleased when he received a 92), we wandered up to his assigned room. He wasn't nervous at all, just ready to get it all over with. Things got a little flustered when we realized we'd forgotten a paper he needed to give to the judge. I rushed downstairs to get another, and in those few moments, he got flustered.
As I listened through the door, I could hear him make mistakes that he never makes, and I knew he'd be unhappy with his performance when he walked out. I was right. He struggled to hide his disappointment, but I could tell. He still received pretty good scores, but we both knew he could have done better. There's a great life lesson in that--even though he could have played better, he did his best in the moment. And sometimes, that's all you've got. And that's just fine.

Since school's been out, he's been working on his diving and basketball skills, and he had his last Primary softball experience.
He's never played in a league, but that didn't prevent him from dreaming big for his last game--and his last hit was a disappointing single. He still talks about that . . . Better than striking out, but he was hoping for a grand slam home run, I'm sure.

And on to junior high next year. He's ready.

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  1. It sure is a good feeling when your kids have a great school year. We had one of those this year and I'm so thankful. Boy does Micah look like Ben to me....especially in the picture where he has a tie on!