Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dive Right In

Three of the kids are diving this summer. It's Hyrum's first year, and he's loving it.
Up every morning and out the door by 6:15, he's learning some good technique and to lose his fear of flopping or slapping his entry.

He's still doing very basic dives, but that kid is always practicing at home what he learned at the pool.
Micah's skinny little body is perfect for whipping around and spinning.

He's constantly upside down and in the air when there's a board around.
He's working on pointing his toes on entry and tight body positions.
Lily took a few years off from diving, and she didn't think she would miss it as much as she has.
Years of tumbling have helped her with her lines and skills, and it all came back pretty fast. I love this picture below.
I think I love diving so much because there's no way I could ever do it. I mean, my patented trick on the diving board as a kid was the round-off cartwheel.
I know. The Olympics should have been my life, right?

The fields were pretty small on the night of their first meet, but the kids dove well. Two first places and one third. (Micah was one of only two in his age group, so there's that, right?)
And the season is only just beginning, and I can't wait to see what tricks they have up their sleeves for tonight's meet.


  1. This took me back to the years I spent in various pools with my two. Good times!
    I've just had the loveliest catch up with your posts. I sent an email to say 'thank you' for the comment you left, but it was, thank you for the comment and the heart and faith behind it!

  2. Love their diving. Looking forward to following. I was on a swim team from age 7-university. Club water polo too. I love the water.