Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Musing Today

Artistic pictures?

Deep thinking?

Great kid adventures?

Today is just . . . a day.

I woke up to a crown in my retainer instead of on my tooth.

my favorite way to start a busy day?

The dentist was able to see me first thing this morning. That could have been worse.

They can replace my crown tomorrow. Again, that could be worse.

All of my kids seem pretty happy this summer. They're not too busy but just busy enough. That's good.

Monsoon is threatening to develop around here. We had thunder and lightning last night. I always look forward to monsoon season.

Ever just had one of those days where you were  . . . meh.

That's me today. Plans cancelled because of my tooth. Too many things on my plate to possibly finish today. Everything in life is pretty good.

It must be the heat, right?

We're all looking forward to this weekend and the holiday and everything.

Am I gonna let this funky mood dictate my day?

I'm off to find my happy!

Sometimes it's good to wear a reminder across your chest--and remember how to spin it to your advantage! You can bet I'm going to make the most of this today!

And the answer is YEP!

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