Thursday, June 23, 2016

Troop 654

Our house has felt a little empty this week because all of the neighborhood scouts are at camp! They left Saturday morning for Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island.
 Good looking group of boys, right? I'm so grateful for adults who sacrifice their vacation time (and a touch of their sanity) to take our boys on adventures like this one.

Micah was especially excited to go. When he heard about the troop going to Catalina, he was disappointed because he didn't think he would be old enough to attend. One day we were cleaning the kitchen, and I offhandedly asked him if he was excited about scout camp this summer. "I can't go. I won't be 12 yet." I then explained that his leaders had purposely planned the trip for the week of his twelfth birthday so that he could go. That sweet boy of mine stopped wiping the counter for a moment and tears rolled down his cheeks. "Mom, that is the best news I've ever heard. I thought everyone was going to have this cool trip and I would have to stay home." He's getting older so he doesn't like as much affection, but I gave him a quick side hug and smiled to myself.
I love this boy so much, and he is having the adventure of a lifetime with his best buddies.

They attended church on Sunday in California before getting on the ferry to camp.

They're working on merit badges and hiking and having a great time. And one of their leaders posts pictures every day so we can follow their experiences from home.

I can't figure out how to post a video from Facebook to my blog, but the whole troop sang "Happy Birthday" to my boy on Monday night with candles in a pile of ding dongs. He even called home for a quick minute that night so I could wish him happy birthday.

"Mom, this is the best ever!"

My boy will come home twelve years old and filled with great memories of his first scout camp. I couldn't have gotten him a better gift.

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