Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Not What You Might Think

9x13 dishes work harder than most dishes in my house. But this is one wasn't used for dinner prep.
That's my iPad in there.

Ever heard the song, "Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Are Stones"?

Me neither.

But my mother-in-law sings that line from the song often when you're having one of those "stones" kind of days. That phrase ran through my head a dozen times yesterday.

First it was small things--left my phone home and couldn't find the store I needed (I know--First World problem.) Eve was whiny and bored. Really small things.

Then it got a little worse. While at the school dropping stuff off in my classroom, I opened a package from our new textbook's publisher. Inside was not the text I was expecting. Or the text that I ordered. A quick email confirmed that the 35 textbooks I have coming are in fact not the correct text and I don't think the new texts will be here before school starts. Pretty big problem.

Then it got really bad. Eve begged me to watch her swim. With school starting three weeks from today (EEEEK!), I knew I needed to keep working on my lectures, so I hauled my iPad and notes to the pool. I've done this more times than I can count this summer, and I didn't think twice about it when I sat in a chair closer to the pool than normal. Less than five minutes later, I realized I needed my laptop as well, so I hurried into the house, grabbed my computer and sat back on the chair. When the cushion moved just a bit as I sank into it, my iPad flipped head over heels and splashed in the pool as I watched helplessly from a foot away.

I jumped in quickly, fully clothed, screaming, "NOOOO!" loud enough that Tucker came rushing out of his house to make sure there was no great loss of life. I had been right in the middle of a project that's taken me hours to complete, and the presentations I'd created had not been uploaded to the cloud yet.


It sucks.

Last night I wallowed in self-pity a bit before trying to evaluate exactly how bad things are. If the text doesn't come--I can work around that. If the iPad doesn't work--I can use Brad's and redo the seven presentations I've already completed.

I'm gonna throw that stone in the rock polisher today and make the best of it. It won't ever be a diamond, but it's one I have to add to my collection, so I better shine it up.

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  1. That is an awful situation. All that time you worked on your plans... I'm glad you can have such a good attitude. Not sure if I would. Good luck.