Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back to School: Lily

Lily--Eleventh Grade
Height: 5'7"
Favorite food: Everything
Favorite movie: A Walk to Remember
Favorite song: "She Used to Be Mine," by Sara Bareilles
Favorite activity: Watching Netflix
Favorite TV show: Pretty Little Liars
Favorite sport: watching Olympic gymnastics

When did my feisty little girl grow into a feisty tall young woman? This girl--I can't explain how much I love her and the spice she brings to our family. Lily lights up a room with her passion and big personality.

I forgot to take pictures of her when we were shopping--she only needed new uniform pants and shoes so our shopping trip wasn't the most exciting we've ever had. Funny shoe story: She ended up choosing the dark Vans that Micah didn't choose, except in high top version. I snapped this quick picture when I took her and her friend Erin to get pedis just before we left for Oceanside.
I love that we're at the same school and she comes to visit me occasionally during lunch or to share a good grade on an essay. Junior year is always a busy one with hard classes and part-time jobs, and Lily is working at a local sandwich shop and taking a full schedule. Life goes up and down for everyone, and I know that the hard things she faces this year will make her stronger and smarter and ready to be on her own in a few years.

But I'm not ready to push her out the door quite yet--we've got dances and dresses and ACT/SAT and college applications and . . . so much to do these next two years.

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