Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Star

Nothing can replace a great scoutmaster when it comes to scouting. Micah's leaders are so good--and he just received his Star scout award, well on his way to his Life rank.

The hardest parts of scouting are left--the last few required merit badges (dreaded personal management) and the Eagle project--but I love what scouting teaches my boys.

I didn't realize I'd sewn his badges on the wrong side of his band until we were at the court of honor. Just another project on my long list of stuff I should get done but never manage to do until I'm stressed out minutes before.

I love how Micah is Brad's Mini Me. That's pretty obvious from this picture, from the expression on their faces to the bend of their arms.


  1. Perhaps there should be a sewing badge.

  2. Well done, Micah! My son earned his Queen's Scouts and it has stood him in good steady. No doubt that, some of the determination and grit that is getting him through Leukemia comes.from the challenges of scouting.

  3. I love a good father and son picture, and this one definitely qualifies.

  4. I've had some angst about our ward's cub scout program lately. What I would give to sit down with some leaders in the 30th ward and have them talk me through it all!