Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Haven't Posted about Politics in . . . Ages

One of the things I was most looking forward to when I got hired to teach was being in the classroom during the election. I remember so vividly being in Mr. Tickner's 6th grade class in 1980--how he talked about the election and assigned each student a state and gave us electoral votes. How we painted our states red or blue and followed the election results to see if ours mirrored what happened nationally (yep--we both elected Reagan). I wanted to bring that same excitement to my own classroom.

But there's a problem.

This election sucks.

The debate was a debacle.

The candidates are combative and corrosive.

The issues are mostly a nonissue.

And quite frankly, I can't make myself care two cents about it.

I'm so disappointed.

I still hope that something changes in the next few weeks to spark some excitement so we can discuss it in class. Until then, here are my feelings after the debate on Monday (sung to the chorus of "Proud to Be an American"). My apologies to Mr. Greenwood.

I'm proud to be an American, but Trump doesn't "represent" me.
And we can't forget the men who died under Hillary in Benghazi.

While we try to stand up this election year
And vote what's right today.

There ain't no doubt I love this land . . . 

God Help the USA.


  1. I'm with you on this, Jenny. I shudder to think of what and who Mr Trump represents. Your country is too great and good to be shouldered with such inadequate choice.

  2. My thoughts and feelings exactly. :(