Thursday, December 29, 2016

Quick Snaps

The holidays with the Brubakers have gone much too quickly.

There have been a few bumps in the road--kids arguing, things breaking, running out of milk at the most inopportune moments (when fresh cookies come out of the oven, am I right?). But the worst was the vomit.

First Nathan on Christmas Day. We really thought it was too much junk until . . .

. . . Jonah threw up last night. But he always shoves huge bites in his mouth, and it didn't smell like he was sick, so we didn't think he was sick until . . .

 . . . Heidi dashed from the couch to the wood floor holding baby Thomas's head in Sam's shirt to catch the throw up.

Hmmm. Probably sick, but they're acting ok. Until . . .

. . . Ellie threw up twice in the night, and Jonah added to the count a few times himself.

And Tucker woke up feeling kinda crappy, too.

All the barf foiled our plans for the day, to be sure. And I think they're headed home Saturday instead of Monday now. Sometimes, you just need to get home. I get that.

So, despite the barfing kids, we all got dressed to take a quick family picture today. I hadn't planned clothes or a location or anything, but we got cleaned up and stood together in front of the camera for a few shots. I'm thrilled with them.

The Brubakers
 All four holding still--not all looking at the camera, but we'll take what we can get.

The Dentons with new baby Eli
Annie loves that brother of hers. Can you tell?

And each of my kiddos still at home.

 He's leaving for BYU next week, and I don't know if I can stand that thought.

 My girl is getting so beautiful. Before I know it, she'll be gone, too.

Hey! Who said Micah could grow up?

Rum. This kid's chocolate eyes melt my heart.

And my baby girl
You can't see in this photo, but she lost her front tooth two days ago. I hate when that happens, because they suddenly aren't little any more.

Here's the whole clan--all seventeen of us.

When I started my blog eight years ago, this is what the kids looked like on Christmas Eve:
Where has the time gone?

At least we haven't lost our crazy.
Goodbye, 2016. It's been an adventure.


Denton Sanatorium

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