Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas Eve Tradition--Phoenix Zoo

Even though Christmas Eve 2016 was rainy and cold, we still took our annual trip to the zoo.

It's not so much seeing the zoo that we love--it's that no one is there and we basically have the run of the place.

With so many littles, the best way to see the animals is on the train. Usually we get a huge bag of kettle corn and share it, but Gran forgot this time.

Nobody really seemed to mind.
One of my favorite things about the zoo is that it's a different experience each time.
This morning the tiger was agitated and paced right in front of the glass. The kids loved/feared him  and squealed every time he turned the corner.

Lily decided after this trip that she wants to raise a baby tiger.

I think this will be the closest any of them ever get to one, though.
Micah is now one of the big kids, patiently indulging the younger ones. That's so weird to me.
Jonah and Annie are only three months apart, but Jonah thinks he's big enough to pull her and Tommy in the wagon.
I think he was successful for a few feet before he got sick of it and ran off.
Heidi's little boys love Micah and Hammer, as they call him. And my boys love them right back.
It's fun, because my two older boys had cousins (Spencer, Myke, Matt, and Tommy Olsen) who acted as their big brothers. Now it's my little boys' turn to be big brothers to their nephews.

It was cold that day, and the orangutans were in the enclosure, with Baby swinging from the ceiling and causing trouble while Mama tried to clean her off and calm her down.
Sounds a bit like my house most days.
Our traditional end to the zoo on Christmas Eve is the carousel.
Jonah was disappointed when the Kimodo dragon didn't have wings. This was more what he had in mind, I think.

Girls sticking together.
Ben. Need I say more?
Spending a few hours at the zoo on Christmas Eve always helps the day go faster and keeps our family together most of the day. While it makes wrapping, baking, and prepping a little stressed, it usually forces me to have most things done before we leave.

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