Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Photo Challenge: Grey

I took a photo of the sunset every night last year (minus a few). I loved the challenge and I loved how it helped me notice details of the evening. I knew I wanted to do a new challenge this year but change it up a little.

I chose color as my challenge this year, and I've assigned each month its own color. January was grey--my favorite color from high school. Each photo tells a little about that day in my life, a snapshot diary, and this year I placed them in chronological order.

I couldn't have picked a better color for the greyest, rainiest January I've experienced since living in Arizona.
1. Driving to the cabin on New Year's Day. 2. Probably my favorite grey thing in the world at one of my favorite places on earth. Do you see the eyes in the snow? 3. Micah's grey shirt on top of Hole in the Rock. 4. The scarf Ben brought me from Peru that I wore every day in Utah while I helped him set up his apartment. 5. Janie's backyard bird feeder. 6. The water bottle that froze in the car every day I was in Provo. 7. Reflection in the window at the hotel's gym. The words read, "Don't wish for it, work for it." 8. The envelope I used all of last year to keep my diary and pens each day. I'm using it again this year.
1. Grey oxfords on the rain-spattered sidewalk. 2. Grey stripes with my new grandson snuggled close.  3. Grey sweater hanging on the wall in my office--it gets COLD in there. 4. Best book I've read in a long time. 5. Grey Mesa skies on the way home from piano lessons. 6. An infrequent break in the clouds this month. 7. Grey boots with my reflection in a grey puddle. 8. Grey clouds from the top of A mountain.
1. My favorite beverage. 2. The broken top to my water bottle--Hyrum accidentally dropped it. 3. Brad was out of town and I forgot about the irrigation. Oops. 4. My wallet--my third Hobo wallet from Last Chance. I love these! 5. More grey skies. 6. Another trip to my favorite place and the snow. 7. January showers bring January flowers. 8. More grey shoes to work--these remind me of my grandma, Thaola Tucker.
1. Grey buttons on my wool sweater--I know it won't be long till it's retired for the season. 2. Silver necklace. 3. Grey skies at 6 am as the kids and I clean Brad's office. 4. The San Francisco Peaks covered in snow. 5. Another trip up north--the sky was finally blue that day. 6. My favorite brush. 7. The coffee table. 8. The only mechanical pencils I use--I love these things.

And as for my word/symbol of the year--I'm feel more whole. A few pieces of my soul are getting closer together each day. I'm being generous with myself, not judging too harshly while still progressing most days. My skin feels like it fits better, and my mind is adjusting to these new ideas.

It's been a good month.

If you're not reading the news or following politics . . .


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