Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And So It Begins, When We Wondered If It Really Would At All

Scandinavia here we come!
Boots in June. It's got to be a good day, right?

This day almost didn't happen.

Brad is the trip planner in our family. He researches destinations and plans activities and books flights and airbnb homes with gorgeous views. He does it all.

Sunday night, just as we were winding down for the night, kissing kids and reading stories, Brad came to the top of the stairs and said, "My passport is expired."

Yeah, right. For those of you who know Brad, this is a common way for him to tease. I didn't believe him, but I should have. His passport was fourteen days expired.

After a few hours research online and three phone calls with the nicest lady in government service on the East Coast at 1 am her time, Brad planned to spend Monday driving to Tucson for an emergency passport.


One government program that works better than expected.

Today's the big day. Seattle then flying to Iceland by morning tomorrow.

I've been so excited. But a few wrinkles in my kids' lives have made this departure difficult.

Heidi broke her arm a week ago, and her consultation for surgery is this morning. She needs the ulna repaired, and the doctor thinks he may need to replace the head of her radius. Four small kids at home (Ellie is only 6), and she can't even open a sippy cup. And did I mention she's seven months pregnant? That's hard for a mama to leave behind. Lily is flying up on Thursday to help with the kids for a week, and when I get home, I'll see if they need me then. Lily is almost as much help as me--she loves Heidi's kids and can drive. Plus, they have all the seasons of Gilmore Girls to keep them busy.

Tucker and Karli are in the process of getting their first house. Looks like that might go down while we're gone as well (but you never know with these things).

And then there was Eve this morning. When I woke her for scriptures and prayer, her blond bedhead couldn't hide her tears. I know she will be fine while I'm gone--Ben has lots of fun things planned--but leaving her crying in the garage broke me and almost convinced me to stay home.  And two phone calls from home since sitting in the airport and a promise from me that I'll call one more time before our flight leaves.


I love mothering my kids. But it's good for parents to get away and enjoy being together sometimes.

And plus--Scandinavia!

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