Sunday, August 27, 2017

Back to School 2017

This post is two weeks late, but better late than never.

School started August 9th, and it is the last time I will have five kids home on the first day of school. Ben is headed back to Provo this week--on to bigger and better adventures, but we snagged him for pictures anyway.
Twelfth Grade
Favorite Food: Bacon
Favorite Song: Forever Young by Lil Yachty
Favorite Activity: Snapchat
Favorite Show: House, MD
Favorite Movie: Safe Haven
Favorite Sport: Chasing Boys

Lily is trying hard not to wish away her senior year. She wants to be on her own and done with high school more than anything, but she's decided she's going to make good memories this year and do the best she can about all of it.

She just started a new job working at the mall, and she's getting tons of hours. All that cash will go a long way towards replacing her phone, which was stolen a few weeks ago.

Eighth Grade
101.5 lbs
Favorite Food: Corn Dogs
Favorite Song: No favorite
Favorite Activity: Sports
Favorite Show: I don't know
Favorite Movie: "Civil War"
Favorite Sport: Football

My little boy is growing up fast. His voice is cracking almost as often as he teases his little brother. Micah is excited to play football this year (had their first W on Friday), and he's still practicing the piano, even though he does complain about how much time it takes.

He still doesn't have a phone (and may be one of only a handful in eighth grade), but as soon as he earns his Eagle, the phone is his. He's close--just a few merit badges and his Eagle project, so hopefully within the next few months he will stop checking his Instagram on my phone.

Fifth Grade
66.5 lbs
Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes
Favorite Song: Bagpipes (on the piano)
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Show: Clone Wars
Favorite Movie: None
Favorite Sport: Soccer
I've always loved his chocolate eyes. This kid--he's a mixture of hard and soft. He loves weapons and sneaking up on a brother with a sword or nerf gun for a noisy ambush. He also loves babies and little kids, taking time to play with Annie and Eli or any other little one who's around.

Hyrum decided to try football again this year, and he quit piano but started the cello in orchestra. He loves to take things apart, and he's my only boy who hasn't needed me to nag him to death to get his homework done.

Third Grade
51.5 lb
Favorite Food: Grapes
Favorite Song: Shut Up and Dance with Me
Favorite Activity: Coloring/Playing School
Favorite Show: SpongeBob
Favorite Movie: Princess Diaries
Favorite Sport: Swimming
My baby is in third grade. When did she grow up? Eve loves to play school, using books and papers and sticky notes to convert our homework area to her classroom. She's convinced she's going to grow up to be a teacher, and I hope she's right.

Eve loves Annie, and after Tucker and Karli bought a new house this past month, the girls got a little lonely for each other. She loves to mother anyone younger (or the same age, to be honest), and even though she's the baby of our group, she has plenty of littles around her most of the time.

Don't let this picture fool you. Micah's on his tiptoes. But it won't be long until he really is that tall. It seems like he grows every week.

Of course we had to take a silly one as well.
Brad came out just as we were finishing the photos, and he added me to the mix--first day of my second year teaching.
Then he asked for a silly one, and my patience disappeared--I'm always on a time crunch on school mornings. Look at the kids in the background. They thought it was pretty funny.
Two weeks down, and it looks to be another fantastic school year.

Bring on 2017-18!

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