Thursday, September 28, 2017

It's Been Too Long

It's been too long since I really blogged--sat down at the keyboard and let ideas flow and gel and cement.

My life is so good right now. But it's very busy, and time with the computer (let alone time with my thoughts) is generally sucked up with grading or learning more things to teach my students.

Brad generously sent me up here to the cabin last night because he knew I've been missing it. Even though it's just been for a few hours (and for most of them I was thankfully sleeping with the window open and the cool breeze blowing across my bed), I realize how much I needed to sit. To think. To stop.

Elk and deer. Bluebirds and squirrels. And a pair of retired hikers with their trail poles. The only companionship I've had all morning.

It's been nice.

School is much more manageable this year, but I know I still need to do better. I hope that life is settling down now and that I can get into a groove where I remember the necessary more frequently.

Taking more pictures

Watching more football games

Having lunch with friends

Reading bedtime stories

Attending the temple

Pondering and praying

Helping with elementary homework

And sitting just quietly to smell the flowers.

Here's to new resolutions and important moments.

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