Thursday, January 4, 2018

Rewrite the Stars 2018

My blog and my yearly goal last year sadly lagged. I missed it. I missed the accountability and I miss the record of my family and activities. I'm hoping to get back to it, not for anyone else this time but just for me and the record I need to leave for my family.

Here's my necklace for 2018, my peridot birthstone with an 8-pointed star. Unlike years past where all focused on a one-word large goal, I do have eight smaller goals I'm working on this year. They all, however, focus on the center and a guiding Star in my life.

As I reflected on 2017 and my first full year of teaching, I recognized one adjustment I need to make for 2018, and it's this:
No matter what else fills my plate or fills my mind or fills my time,my primary job in this world is my family.

Here's to a year of manageable improvement in small steps, a year of accepting limitations and learning from failures, a year of saying no when necessary, and a year of joy surrounded by those people and things that I love most.

*And if you missed the reference in the title, you really NEED to see "The Greatest Showman." A pure delight--just like the joy that comes when seeing a show on Broadway.

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