Sunday, January 20, 2019

Manila, Part 1

I flew over 

the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Arctic Oceans

the Bering and the South China and East China Seas

Hudson Bay and the Sea of Japan

and all the land in between

All in one week.


Instead of coming home before my next trip, I flew directly from Boston
 . . . after a mandatory cup of chowdah . . .

. . . through Tokyo and the world's cleanest and most complicated bathrooms . . .
 . . . to Manila for three quick days.
 Why Manila?

 Remember when we attended a wedding in Pakistan in 2016?

 Brad and I met Nosheen and Rahat in Manila so their little family could be sealed in the temple.

I met their beautiful daughter, Tahzeeb.
What a beautiful baby.
She flew 18+ hours, had no regular bedtime, stayed with sitters while her parents attended the temple, endured ENDLESS cab rides in the Manila traffic, and generally bounced everywhere the adults dragged her.
 And I think I only heard her cry once or twice. She is such a good baby with a sweet temperament and quick smile.
I fell in love with her immediately.

My favorite experience of the entire trip was when I was granted the privilege of holding her as she was sealed to her mom and dad forever. That moment still brings tears to my eyes and will remain a treasured memory for the rest of my life.
We love Nosheen like she is our own daughter, and we are so thankful we could be there to share their special day.

What an incredible day. I am so happy we could make it.

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