Sunday, February 3, 2019


We're finally returning to real life after an eventful January. I'm glad to have a clear calendar with no trips on the horizon--I want to enjoy AZ February and my family for a few weeks!

 Eve got Annie on the tramp one day and acted as her "tumbling coach." I remember Heidi doing this with Lily and Lily doing this with Eve.
I've mentioned before the world's greatest teacher who comes to my house once a week to play with my kids, right? Last week she introduced Hyrum and Eve to Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions. This week, she brought a 1:2 scale model of his portable bridge and the kids assembled it.
 Seriously! How cool is this? They loved it. And they love her.

Ah, Hyrum. This kid is half monkey and loves to climb anything he can. Yesterday, Eve found him up on Brad's pull-up bar.
 It's higher than you think! Can you see Eve in the mirror taking the picture?
A member of our ward sent me this picture last Sunday. Hyrum went to our local nursing home to help with church services and the sacrament. He wanted to go back again today, and he said, "I gotta save my seat next to Doug. He needs me." That Doug is a lucky guy.
 And Ben and Makayla are living one of my dreams this week. Can you guess where they are?
 Maybe this one will help.
I've wanted to see the Barcelona Cathedral since 1988. I was thrilled when my phone started pinging with half a dozen pics of their adventures.

Funniest comment of the week (from Micah as we drove through the neighborhood):
"Being a homeless cat would suck so bad! Well I mean, being a homeless person would be bad, but to be a cat? . . . "

Where that came from I have no idea . . . 

It's been a long two weeks for me.
Probably more accurate statement would be "no uterus." Hysterectomy on January 22 went ok. I'm slowly mending. The incision itself is healing well, but I'm so tired. Lucky for me, I'm taking 16 credits this semester and school started on Monday--healing and reclining on the couch with a laptop and a huge stack of books bode for a good recovery. At least the school work keeps me from feeling so lazy. 

I've given myself two weeks to sleep in and take things slowly. I didn't get out of a nightgown for the first week and progressed to pajama pants for the next four days before wearing real clothes (if joggers and a t shirt count!) on Saturday. 

Everyone who's had this done tells me that I'll be so glad I did it in a few months. I can't wait till I'm glad I did it.

For now, we're all loving the gorgeous February weather and the promise that our short-lived spring is only a few weeks away. Gonna spend our Sunday in front of the TV, wishing we were cheering on Drew Brees and the Saints. Can't have everything, I suppose.

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