Thursday, August 29, 2019

Breakfast of Champions

Lily has been back home for a few months as she figures out her next steps in life, and the kids love having her around! She takes them for quick Polar Pop trips or Sonic runs, and she's the first one they want to ask about fashion choices or new song lyrics.

Eve has especially loved having a sister back in the house, and the two of them spent one Saturday morning cooking up a batch of chocolate chip pancakes.
Eve was dressed, hair done, and apron on before Lily even woke up, and she got so excited that she finally headed downstairs to wake Lily up--at 9:30!
My girls are nine-and-a-half years apart--twice--so they have to work on building relationships with each other. I'm glad they have each other, and I know those bonds will only strengthen as they get older and have more shared life experiences.

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