Monday, August 19, 2019

Early Birthday Surprise #1

Friday afternoon--just about five pm. 

The witching hour for moms with little kids.

Karli and Tucker were rounding up their three little ones when Brad said, "I think I heard the door."

I didn't hear the door, but I dutifully went to answer it.

I've never had a better surprise. It was my sister and her husband!
 They made a quick two-day drive south just to surprise me for my birthday, which isn't till Wednesday, so that only increased the surprise factor!
School started for her kids today, so they spent Friday night here: we grabbed a fantastic dinner at The Keg and visited all morning Saturday, then they drove back north Saturday night. It was so amazing and such a sacrifice for them to make that quick trip.

And I thought that was the biggest surprise of the weekend.

I was wrong.

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