Friday, September 27, 2019

Fresh Pond

Something I've loved about my class this semester?

Staying at a different AirBnB every week. So far, I've stayed twice in Somerville and once in Cambridge. The apartment in Cambridge has been my favorite, mostly because of its location.

Directly across the street was the Belmont Cemetery. That might be a negative for some people, but I walked through it on my way to class, and it was beautiful. I was there the Monday after 9/11, and all the military graves had been decorated. It was beautiful.
The best part of this stay was Fresh Pond. I'm sure anyone from Cambridge knows Fresh Pond, but it was a surprise bonus to me.
Look at it! Miles of trails around a pristine pond. I planned my morning run here, and I was in heaven.

I missed my turnoff coming back around the pond, and accidentally added 2 MILES to my distance, but it was glorious.

The temperature. The atmosphere. The trail. The everything.  Colors hadn't started changing yet (the light in this pic is a little off), but I've already booked a place to stay during October that is close to Fresh Pond, and I hope to spend five more miles enjoying New England fall around its perimeter.
While I do love AZ, I miss fall. I miss everything about it. Weekly trips to Boston have assuaged that longing this year. Can't wait for apple season!

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