Friday, September 6, 2019


Everyone in the Magic Valley knows that Labor Day weekend is Fair Time. I sped up to Idaho for a quick 24 hours so I could go to the Twin Falls County Rodeo with my dad and my sisters.
Dad looks mad here, but in reality, he wasn't ready for the picture. See? He was just as happy to be there as the three of us were.

I have incredible memories in this arena. Add to them 2019, with my sisters and their families.

And Sam and Holly filling Grandpa's hat up to capacity with Mambas wrappers--and he wasn't too pleased about it. We all know that "You don't touch the hat!"

Cowboy hats are very serious business for Dad. But so is loving his girls.
The fair marks the beginning of fall in Idaho--wish I was there to enjoy the crisper air and harvest. It's supposed to hit 107 in the desert today.

I won't be jealous in January, I can predict that right now!

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