Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Two Surprise Dates

When Karli called needing an emergency babysitter for Eli while she whisked Caroline to Urgent Care for a few quick staples in her head, I rescheduled my afternoon lunch with my bestie, Karen, so I could lunch with a little brown-eyed charmer. 
That kid has so much personality and joy (and a fair dash of two-year-old tantrums, anger, and frustration—but these are usually saved for his parents!), and we had a great time grabbing lunch at Cane’s then watching Bubble Guppies. 

I’m so glad some of my grandkids live close so we can have these spur-of-the-moment memories together.
The next day, I surprised Eve. Can you tell from her face?
Brad has been working tirelessly on a big case and has been gone a lot. But he had time Friday night to take his baby daughter on a quick dinner date to Dave and Buster's.
Kids need individual time with their parents, and the baby in a large family often gets brushed aside for "more important" events. I'm glad she and Brad take date time to be together and enjoy having fun.

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