Monday, November 18, 2019

Eve Hits Double Digits

My baby is ten.
 She was so happy for this big day. And a sequin-covered mini-backpack is just what she wanted!
 My Eve plays teacher all the time, talks about school and what she's going to teach "her kids," and even creates her own homework packets.

She was excited when she opened her very own lesson plan book!
 And no matter how I tried to trick her, she knew her last present was the watch she'd been begging for.
 My kids are allowed one "fancy" party, and Eve did hers this year at Jake's Unlimited.

 Since it was a Wednesday night, the kids mostly had the place to themselves. They ran from one thing to the next.
 Annie was so excited that she got included with the big kids.

 I went on one ride with her, but I was so sick after spinning that I didn't want to chance my old grandma body after that. But I did help her play a driving game that her legs were just too short for.
 Hyrum's impressive bowling strategy.

 They all played a game of laser tag as a team. This was the only thing they all did together, and they were looking forward to beating each other. At the last minute, a big group of drunk adults got in line, and the battle was so unfair.
 Look at the rankings (Annie was #21). The worker felt bad for the kids, and she helped Hyrum so that he could win. The adult who lost to him came out of the room mad that he hadn't won. Seriously, dude? They're LITTLE kids!

 After two hours of all-you-can-eat buffet pizza, soda, ice cream (and SALAD!), they weren't that hungry for birthday cake, but we still had to do candles.
 She's growing up, my baby.

 They went back to do a few games and a couple kids left.

As we were preparing to leave, I decided a free-for-all on the cake would be a great idea.
 They didn't disagree.
 Even after she got home and had homework, she still enjoyed her birthday--wearing her new pink headphones although they weren't plugged into anything.

Ten years since this girl was my last baby. She's so amazing, and I can't wait to see where life takes this girl!

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