Monday, February 3, 2020

Movie Surprise

During Christmas break, I promised Eli I would take him to the movie "ALL BY MYSELF!" when the girls went back to school. (One thing to note with Eli. He almost always speaks in a shout.)

We finally made it!
(Second thing to note about Eli: He rarely sits still, hence his blurry little face)

The lobby was void of customers, so he had the run of the place, playing fake video games and looking at all the candy.
(Third thing to note about Eli: He is very tall for his age so it's easy to forget he's just barely three and still a little boy.)

He thought he'd hit the lottery when he got his very own box of popcorn, a small soda, and M&Ms.
I hit the lottery when no one else showed up for the movie, so he could be as loud as he wanted. When he heard "Enjoy the show," he shouted, "I WILL!!!!" and then shoved another bite of popcorn in his mouth.
He wandered all over the theatre during the movie, changing seats and calling me to come join him because "THIS SEAT HAS A BUTTON TOO!!" (footrest button). He even bestowed a snuggle or two on his gran, and these are very few and far between.
I'm sure he will never remember the day we saw "Dolittle," but I know I will never forget it.

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