Monday, December 15, 2008

Luckiest Woman in the World Tag

Karen tagged me about a month ago, and I've thought about this a lot. I could list SO many reasons that I am the luckiest woman in the world, but the primary reason I'm the Luckiest Woman in the World is this:
My Family

What's better than building a fort on Sunday morning? How about building it out on the tramp?

Brad turned to me during Church last week and said, "We should make sugar cookies this afternoon. And decorate them!" So we

Hyrum kept s
natching big scraps of dough or handfuls of sugar and shoving them in his mouth when no one was looking. He knows how to hold his own in this group!

Mom was a little bit picky about how the dough was rolled. I mean, seriously. That really DOES matter. They burn around the thin edges or don't get cooked all the way through.

This was primarily how Tucker contributed to the evening. Ah, teenagers.
That's not completely true. He DID help eat them!

Just look at these guys. How can you not agree that I'm the luckiest woman in the world?
See, Ben does still live with us. We just don't see him much, unless there's food involved!)

Where is Baby A, you say? Well, he literally screamed, holding onto Brad's leg throughout the entire activity. Such bliss in parenting. Luckily for us, still photographs don't preserve the sounds of the day. Because I can guarantee you, not every moment was as jolly as these published here.

A final note on gratitude: When Brad and Tucker were in Mozambique this summer, they spent a lot of time in the orphanages, feeding and tending and wrestling kids. Tucker enjoyed every moment, including giving many of the orphans nicknames.

Julie, the leader of their volunteer group, just sent us a DVD of all of her pictures from the trip. This shot touched my heart like no other. This little girl was Tucker's favorite, nicknamed "Moon." Both the guys told me that if adoption were even possible in Mozambique (which it's not), this is the child they both wanted to bring home. Just seeing the starkness of the nursery, the mosquito netting and sole toy in the room hanging from the ceiling, and this beautiful child's pitiful face, how can you not be overflowing with gratitude for your own blessings? Count yourself among the luckiest in the world. Because you are.

Love to all. And Joy to the World!


  1. Ok, I'm IN. When I typed it in instead of clicking on my already set up tag thing. Great entry, looks like you guys had fun. I'm trying to find the fortitude to get my anual sugar cookies made and delivered. It's just such an ordeal, 'cause I agree, they MUST be rolled right and cooked correctly. Anywho, thanks for "fixing" the issue so I could read all your updates.

  2. that picture of me and moon was the last time i held her. i had just sang to her as we danced up and down the hall. its still sad to think of her and the other orphans that are still there

  3. now i need to say something funny because I'm depressing myself...egad so i DID make one or two sugar cookies, i just ate them immediately afterward...its not like i'm an artistic fellow, i don't like fine art and stuff, i just don't sue me! do you get all mad at the tone deaf lady that sits behind you in church because she doesn't come to choir? of COURSE NOT because frankly, you'd rather she stay home. now imagine me as a tone deaf kid (not too hard for those of you that knew me =) and pretend choir is like unto decorating cookies. the analogy helps those of you without the innate ability to understand tucker =) you're welcome