Friday, December 12, 2008

Three Days in a Row? No, It Really Is Happening

Thought I'd post a few pics today.

I don't think Heidi is going to be thrilled with this one, but I don't think she ever even looks at my blog. So . . . publisher's choice.

Brad thinks he's so funny. One day he'll grow up, but I kinda hope not.

This doesn't do her "world's ugliest cake" justice. I had the grand notion that I would copy my extremely talented and creative sister and make Heidi a cake that resembles a present. My day was so busy (December 3rd), and I had it all timed precisely. When I came back from who-knows-where, I would frost the cooled cake, and move on to the next thing on my ever-growing list. But what to my wondering eyes should appear but HUGE DOG BITES out of one layer of the cake. Not a happy baker at that moment. With no time to create another layer, the cake ended up looking like stairs, with the Roxy-eaten sections carefully and angrily removed. Also look closely. Only 14 candles. Brad's sister Nancy said it was my subconscious way of refusing to acknowledge her transition to adulthood. Wish that were the case instead of just plain forgetful! My baby is 18. I am the parent of an adult. It's so weird. And yes, I did spent a chunk of time that day crying and lamenting. I'm mostly over it by now.

We spent last Saturday shopping for her presents, and we found a few good bargains while really enjoying the time together. It's probably the last birthday she'll ever have at home. Sniff.

Now this picture really tells a tale. Cookies with Santa at Lily's school on December 4th. That was truly a crazy night. Too many other conflicts that night to list, but it was my joy to take the four little ones to see Santa. Micah was so excited to see him, BEFORE we got there. Then he got a little scared. Notice his lack of enthusiasm. Hyrum, on the other hand, couldn't mask his fear very well. Mean ole' mom, making him sit for the picture. Baby A is a little apprehensive, but Lily is relishing her job as the big sister. SOOOO glad she was there to help me. Couldn't have done it without her. Micah asked for Incredible Hulk hands, the little boys asked to be left alone (obviously!), and Lily informed me that she asked for a real hippopotamus. Too many Christmas tunes being played at our house. Good luck with that one, Santa!

I love this picture! After our adventure with Santa, I busted over to MVHS for Heidi and Tucker's Holiday concert. This is the only concert of the year that they do together. It was fantastic! Heidi's orchestra played four movements from "The Nutcracker." Gotta admit that I was leading the music in my head and unconsciously tapping my toe. Ah, childhood memories!

Tucker's choir is preparing for a trip to Vienna this summer, and they have gotten really good. They sang a cool arrangement of "Jingle Bells" and a Nigerian Christmas carol.

Aren't they so cute? Grandma T thought they looked like a prom date. Neither of them was impressed with this observation. I was just happy to get a picture of them together in their concert regalia. (Oh, and just FYI, Heidi is on her tiptoes!)

Where's the picture of Ben in this post, you ask? We rarely see Ben nowadays. Between finishing up Pop Warner football and beginning wrestling season, he's merely a memory these days. Maybe during the holidays we'll be able to see him without his singlet on (although he's become a little less enamored with it since Heidi told him it was basically a leotard).


  1. Poor Hyrum - he looks scared to death, I did not know you could scare a Denton like that. You are dealing with Roxy tracks in a cake and I have to deal with Grandma tracks in my cakes! Aren't we the most patient of women?

    Love the pictures!


    PS- Your blog wont load on my computer, I wonder why?

  2. I can still see your blog but the warning thing still pops up first.

  3. When I typed in the address I got on without the warning, so maybe it's fixed now??? Love the picture at Cookies with Santa. That is a classic!


  4. teh fact of teh matter is that hyrum is terrified og men in red suits...dont blame him....they are a...shall we say wee bit creepy... "what do you want for christmas little kid??????????? i got candy! come sit on my lap so i can whisk you away to an unhappy land where everyone sews all day"

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