Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sound Familiar?

I am not a great cook. In fact, I would venture to say that I'm not even considered a good cook. Usually, I am an edible cook. When I was flying back from Utah on Tuesday, I was reading my BH&G (Better Homes and Gardens to you uninitiated heathens), and I came across a cake recipe that I wanted to try. But when would I have an opportunity? Since I'm hosting bookclub tonight, methought, why not try it tonight? I spent almost 2 hours today driving around, trying to find the right pan and ingredients. I never thought almond flour existed, but apparently, it does. I found all I needed, and then I waited until naptime (those golden 2 hours!) to concoct my masterpiece. I mentioned finding the right pan, right? Well, . . . after completing steps I have literally never done (sifting flour 4 times), it was ready for the oven. What did I do? I forgot that the pan had a removable bottom, and when I picked it up, I squirted cake batter all over the floor (and partially on the dog). I was SO mad! So, back to the drawing board, and using up even more of those 2 precious hours. Luckily, I had two dozen eggs in the house, or this redo wouldn't even have been possible.

Does anyone else feel like their family is a walking, talking, breathing, living NyQuil commercial? The sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, no one can rest illness is about to drive me to an authentic sanitorium. Is this the worst ever? When will it end?
This last question isn't rhetorical.

There's the timer. Let's hope it's good. My friends aren't too judgmental, but a few of them are quite good cooks.


  1. I can finally see the whole blog again-whew! it was getting serious there. I know you were referring to me when you mentioned the good cooks, why be modest? I'll try not to be too critical! See you tonight.

  2. Okay, didn't realize my name wouldn't come up, guess I'm not signed in,

  3. So, I'm DYING To know if the cake turned out any good? Please let me know. By the by, anything that requires me to do it FOUR times would NOT be somethig I bothered to make. Simplicity, that's all that needs to be said.