Friday, January 16, 2009

Backs in a Moment

We partied at the park the other day. I don't know why we don't go more often. Once we're there, it's such a fun time.
I'm not allowed to post pictures of Baby A that identify him, so I thought I'd do an "all-backs" post, preserving our moment at the park.

Baby A loves to ride the zebra. See how his hair has grown back? His mom had me shave his head a few months ago, and this is the little hairball now. I'd like to cut it again, but Mom vetoed me. Sigh.

He's a little timid. In fact, a lot timid. He makes me understand the genetic makeup of my rowdy fearless boys better. Here's an example:

He climbed to the top of the ladder, looked down the slide, then turned around in fear, and came back down the ladder. My boys would never do that. See the example of Hyrum below:

Hyrum spent the morning running up the ladder and throwing himself down the tallest spiral slide, laughing as he fell to the ground, then running up the ladder again!

Hyrum and the Lions' Den. Doesn't have quite the same ring as Daniel, does it?

Micah's morning was spent performing death-defying acts. First, on the spinning barrel (see Hyrum wanting a turn?) . . .
. . . then on the balance beam.

All in all, a dirty, fun, injury-free and tear-free, happy time.

Epiphany #14--Parks were created to not for playing kids but to make motherhood easier.
Remember that, you doughhead mom!


  1. yep i'm fearless, rowdy, and super amazing, but girls dig it, what more do i need?

  2. Hey Jenny! I can't believe how many kids you have now! Last I heard of was Micah and now your doing foster care! You are one amazing woman to be able to take care of so many kids!! Do you guys still live in 30th ward?

  3. Isn't it crazy that when you don't see each other for a few years, people change drastically! lol. I am still stunned at how many children you have now-and Heidi 18! She looks beautiful! Yes Chris and his wife Jessica have a little girl who will be 2 this year (crazy huh!) and they are going to have a boy in March. We are so excited. I keep getting bugged to get the ball rolling with kids but we've decided to wait another year or two until i'm almost done with my masters in speech therapy-that way I can actually be a mom to my kids. Are you still teaching piano lessons?

  4. Fun park pictures! Hyrum has grown a ton since I have seen him - cute boys!