Friday, January 16, 2009

Seven Dwarfs

I know that I have seven children, but I never realized that they correlate so well with the Seven Dwarfs. (yes, that is spelled right.)

Sneezy is definitely Baby A. Once he starts, he can't stop.
Doc is Lily, since she's always in charge and knows everything about everybody.
Tuc's probably Dopey, because he is the least inhibited and hardest to embarrass. Definitely not because he talks the least!
Micah is Bashful. Only until you get to know him.
Ben must be Happy because he rarely changes his mood--easy-going unless provoked.
Grumpy is given to Heidi. Not that she's all that Grumpy, but she's the one that gets frustrated and bugged by the rest of us most often.
That leaves Sleepy Hyrum. Micah came running to me and said, "Mom, Hyrum's asleep."

I knew he was getting tired. But I didn't know how tired he was until I found him in the family room . . .
. . . asleep standing up.
I guess that makes me the Wicked Queen. Since 1985, Baby! (I was the Wicked Queen in "Snow White" that year. Once the Wicked Queen, always the Wicked Queen, I suppose!)


  1. I PROTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SMARTY THE NEW AND COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL DWARF (number 8) IF SOMEONE HAD TO BE DOPEY, THEN AT LEAST MAKE IT SOMEONE WHO CAN TALK. least inhibited?....oh gad....if anyones grumpy its you mom...

  2. both those were me, Tucker, the computer is being dumb...or should i say...dopey.....

  3. Now that is a special level of sleepy, wow! Quite impressive to sleep literally standing up. Gotta love babies and their ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. BTW, I agree with your dwarf assessment, though I might give Tuck a Grumpy as well. hahaha

  4. This is really cute, Jenny. I love how Hyrum fell asleep, but even more I love that you grabbed your camera and blogged about it!