Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Monkey Is Off My Back

For those of you that irregularly read my blog, let me redirect you to my New Year's Resolutions.

For the record--I make some of the world's best chocolate chip cookies. Why? Because I spent years perfecting the recipe, through trial and error, for only one reason. I LOVE THEM. More than cake, more than Snickers, more than some of my friends.

For the record--I made chocolate chip cookies today.

For the record--I have not had extraneous sugar since Christmas Day, 2008. Even today. Not one taste of dough, not one surreptitious cookie under the table or behind the bathroom door.

For the record--the Sugar Monkey is in full retreat.

Epiphany #13--I am stronger than I thought. Battle #1, and I emerge victor.

I retire to bed, still victorious.
We'll see what happens tomorrow to the pile still left on the counter.


  1. Baby I will help dissipate the pile on the counter. Because I want to help.
    P.S. You're HOT.

  2. Ok, Brad STOP, you're too funny. Anyway, what I WANTED to say is, GOOD FOR YOU! That takes some SERIOUS will power and I say kudos to you for being strong. You're more of a woman than I.

  3. You made chocolate chip cookies and didn't eat any? You are my hero. I love chocolate chip cookies more than many of my friends, too. You rock, girl.

  4. so THATS Why she was begging us to take them in our lunch.....

  5. Oh how I want some of your chocolate chip cookies right now! Tyler is a totally amazing cookie baker too, his are oatmeal chocolate chip, and this Christmas he did some experimenting and did Oatmeal coconut and they were unbelievable. Lets have a cookie contest sometime! OR, are you NEVER eating sugar again? Good to see your cute family on your cute
    Say hi to the kids!

  6. I just realized that your blog isn't on my dashboard like I thought it was. All this time you HAVE been posting, who knew? So this morning I have spent the whole morning enjoying the Denton family and your amazing talent with words. I loved your Christmas pajamas, rolled up on the little ones, just like ours. Keep up the good work! I'll be checking in regularly now :)