Saturday, January 10, 2009

Epiphany #10--Ben

Nothing super profound from my neck of the woods. I've spent every spare minute the last few days occupied with my million kids. Two sick, sick babies, one teenager desperately searching for a job, one diva auditioning for Annie, one preschooler begging to play with friends, one preteen hacking up a lung every night, and one teenager busily hanging out with our exchange student from Australia. It's been crazy for sure.
But today I spent most of my day at a wrestling meet with aforementioned preteen, Ben. Three matches--1 victory. On the way home after two discouraging bouts in a row, I proceeded to engage him in conversation. He's always said the most random things, even when he was a tiny boy, inventing the term, "Ben-isms"along the way. Today, as we were talking, I asked him what kind of girls he likes. He was visibly evasive, until I asked him, "Blue eyes, brown eyes? Brown hair, blond hair, red hair?" To which he retorted, "Mom, it's not like I'm a profiler!"
Epiphany #10--You can NEVER guess what a teenager is thinking.


  1. It really has been too long since I saw student from Austraila? We obviously need to have lunch! I've always loved Ben's path of thinking, gotta love those quirky thinkers!

  2. Ok, that's funny. Umm, what is this I'm hearing of a foreign exchange student? Huh? How long will said student be there? I think you must thrive on chaos and insanity, else you wouldn't always be taking in 10 more children a day. (ok, slight exaggeration, I know). Perhaps a visit is in order for tomorrow. What's 2 more babies to the fray. hahaha

  3. Ben is Rachel's twin seperated at birth!!!! They are both sooo funny

  4. i know who he likes, he told me, and i got it outta him true and fair, no torture, and no black mail. not to brag or anything