Monday, January 12, 2009

Ten "Good News Minutes!"

Usually before I post I spend some time formulating the entry in my brain, trying to be clever, funny, interesting, unique. Today, I'm just letting it spout out without prior planning. Not my nature, not my M O. We'll see how this goes.

(sitting with writer's block for five minutes)

Oh, here we go:

Good news from the Sanitorium:

#1--The Cardinals won! (And won decisively, I might add!) I haven't been following them or plotting their advancement or charting their injuries, but I do love football, and I do love to watch a good game. (Chock it up to my upbringing in the home of a sports official.) The last two games have been fantastic if you're from Phoenix.

#2--The Eagles won! How this relates to #1 is . . . now the Cardinals get to host the next game. Although it IS on Sunday, and it IS during Church, it is still awesome!

#3--My talk in Church is over! I've been stressing over it for way too long now, and I am always grateful to learn something new and for the preparation time, but physically speaking in Church is always a little nerve-wracking. Went fairly well, although I could tell I was speaking extremely fast. (I can even tell when I start tripping over my words. That shows that my mouth muscles are physically incapable of keeping up with my brain. It happens, and usually someone in the back row of the chapel will wave their arms in futility, hoping I'll take a breath and move back down to third gear. No one waved, so I just became tongue-tied and tried to slow myself down.)
The topic was interesting to me, and I may incorporate it into a new EFY talk (IF I get invited back this year--still ifffy).

#4--Our exchange student rocks! Her name is Alex, and the best way to describe her is an Australian Heidi. So fun to have around, so good with the little kids, so helpful around the house, so patient and sweet. We love having her here, and yesterday we google-earthed her house in Melbourne. That was cool!

#5--Hyrum has an ear infection. Why is this good news, you ask? Because that means he gets antibiotics. And that means that we hopefully only have 16 more hours of him being inconsolable and ornery. And maybe we can get a full night's sleep without 50 interruptions.

#6--I went to sleep last night at 8 pm. What is better than going to bed early! (Well, maybe getting to sleep through the night, but I'm not complaining.)

#7--Karen called me on her way to IKEA. Again, why is this good news? Because I needed two rods and a few baskets, and now, I DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE ALL THE WAY OUT THERE!

#8--It was Karen that called me on her way to IKEA. Very few people in the world can receive instructions from me on the phone of what I want them to purchase, and get the purchase right. Karen is one of those people!

#9--Leftover enchiladas for lunch!

#10--Lily auditioned for "Annie" on Friday, and she made it! She gets to be Molly, the littlest orphan who always says, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!" She doesn't even know yet, since she's still at school, and I can hardly wait until she gets home!

And the epiphany of the day: As I was talking with Karen on the phone, placing my order, we started talking about reusable shopping bags.

Epiphany #11--Reusable shopping bags were created to be forgotten at home when needed.


  1. First and foremost, I beat your Mom to comments, woo hoo me! Ummm, I totally agree about the speaking in chruch thing, it's really just too scarey for words. So great to have a friend who just "knows" and you can trust with any instructions. Bummer about the ear infection, hope it's better soon. Glad we didn't dcome over, as you were clearly ready for bed very early. Where did Lilly audition for Annie. Of course she made it! Loved your "stream of conscience" approach.

  2. Congratulations, Lily! Give her a big hug from me, that's awesome. I can totally picture her saying those lines, perfect for her.

    You gave a really good talk, I think it was a hard topic. I'm glad to hear it was interesting to study, and prepare for, that makes it so much better. When do you think you will hear about EFY?

  3. thats my sis! (sniff) makin shows and stuff...i' PROUD!!!!!!!!! (now imagine me as one of those obsessive parents that calls the school when an injustice is done) =)