Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Organizational Heroin High and New Hair, Too

I can't express how frustrating it has been to get these two entries posted. I literally tried eight times yesterday to download these pictures, and I guess blogger was down or something because no matter how hard I tried, they wouldn't download, if I tried one or two or four or five (don't think I ever tried three--maybe that was the solution) or Brad's computer or my computer. Now, the world must be ready!

THIS is what I did most of the day Monday--organizing the Holiday Cheer closet. Most of you are not this spoiled, to have a closet fully dedicated to your Holiday clutter. My friend's daughter Ashley told me I should get a sign and actually knight this closet with the above title. I just might do that. Christmas is all in the back, followed by spring (note the Easter baskets) and fall (see the pumpkin?). Do you have summer holiday clutter? After my furious organizing, I know I don't!

Notice the bags in the front? Those are all of our winter clothes, now separated by size and name (I'm ridiculous, aren't I?) Think this is obsessive? Look below.

Half of the high that comes from organizing is seeing the shelves fully stocked and knowing what is in each box. The other half comes from physically using the label maker. Don't have one of these bad boys? Target, my friend, Target. I love it. You can remove them whenever you want, unlike Sharpie marker. You think I 'm amazing, don't you?

Before you nominate me for an award with Real Simple, adhering to the laws of full disclosure, I must reveal the following:
This is the closet across the hall from the Holiday Cheer closet, the hobbit closet. (what's with that name? It was titled by someone who, when they were looking at our house when we moved in, was amused by the four-foot-high door that leads into this immense space--"It looks like a hobbit house!" Another person exclaimed, "You could hide Jews in here!" But the name "Jew-hider closet" was too long and awkward to say, although funnier.) This closet looks worse than it really is, but the main issue is the stack in the foreground. It blocks the door. Soon, my dear closet. Soon. I'll be there soon! (Your closets don't have names? So sorry.)

Now, for the new hair. I've been complaining about it for a few posts now, and here are a couple of pictures giving you a proper perspective on this transformation. I've never been afraid of cutting off all my hair. Even though I was shortchanged on the thickness side of things, I was blessed with hair that grows abnormally fast. So fast that many stylists have commented on it and wondered about it. It is a blessing when I get a bad cut, and a curse when I get one I love, or when I will have to start dyeing my hair (I know I'll get roots within hours!).

Here I am, on the previously mentioned organizational high. Note the workout clothes (not attributable to any physical exercise, but one must be dressed appropriately to organize properly), the smile (from said high), and the headband. Not the best look for leaving the house. But I wasn't, so I was pretty safe.

This angle gives you a side view of the entire coif, sporting it in all its glory in Greer. Headband and ponytail. Headband to hold back the excruciatingly long bangs, and ponytail to free me from the annoyingly outgrown shag on my neck.

A painful, ugly week and a half like this (except for Church twice, one which was in Greer and doesn't count for much, but the other Sunday was teaching a joint YW lesson, so that counts double!).

Now for the big reveal (can you tell I watch a lot of HGTV?)--

Side view and full frontal

Had to show the side for you to fully appreciate the drama of it. It is really short, shorter than it looks in the top picture. Wasn't really thinking it would be this short, and I'm still surprised every time I see myself in the mirror, and I continually catch myself petting my own neck. But I think I like it. It's cutting edge, so unlike me!

Now for the vote. Which celebrity does it look more like? (Mom, click on the names below for links to their images)

I know you've been waiting for it:
Epiphany #8: A stylist you trust is worth her weight in gold, and even harder to find.
Thank you, Debbie!


  1. Thank you for the links to the people with the hairdos. You knew I would need them. I can't say which one is the same as yours because they all are the same, aren't they? It's been a long time since you had hair that short. Wasn't Heidi a baby? What fun to have a new hairstyle! You know how I feel about that.

  2. I think Victoria - thats what I thought when you came to pick up the boys!! Love it!

    As to color - well at least you will keep it up - I will have a line half way down my head because I am lazy when it comes to my hair!


  3. Love your hair Jenny. you look so cute. You know me though I always change my hairstyle. I wish I had the energy to organize...maybe I'm just lazy. Did you ever get my stuff to play???

  4. Love the post. And LOVE the hair. It's totally even cuter in person!!! Nice work on the closet cleaning, if only I had a closet like that to clean or organize. I so WOULD!!

  5. why use a stylist when all ya gotta do is say mom can you cut my hair? and it happens...POOF