Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Can Never Be Too Toddler-Proof

While I was in the shower, Hyrum came in to visit me, cute as a button with his pacy and his silky. He soon disappeared, and I finished in the shower. I got out, dried off, and went into the bedroom to get dressed. I noticed the bedroom door was shut, so I assumed Hyrum had gone downstairs. Then I heard him. Making happy little noises in my closet. I walked in, and there he was, minus the pacifier, still holding the blanket, and unwrapping his FOURTH piece of gum. When he saw me, in that piece went as well. I was afraid he would choke on all that gum, so I braved his 20 teeth (he's had all his teeth since he was 19 months old), to save him from asphyxiation.
Epiphany #7--The best way to take gum from a 20-toothed toddler--change his diaper.


  1. I am loving all your epiphanies Jenny! Hope I spelled that right, looks funny...oh well!

  2. i can tell you for sure its right =) and also, regarding my usual smart-alecky(ish) remark, gum is sorta difficult to make a smart-alecky remark about... so if any of y'alls comes up with an incredibly witty and hilarious remark about this one, i'd love to hear it!

  3. Look at you with all your bloggedy goodness going on. I too am loving your epiphanies. I totally agree with the house dirty when people come to stay thing. I was gonna right a post about how you never notice how grody something is in your house, until you see a picture of it, and look at it from others eyes. Anyway, thanks for all the Greer pics, so fun to see. Keep up the good work with the updates, it makes me oh so happy. And ME, being happy, THAT'S what it's all about. haha