Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This dilhemma is big.
Really big.
Almost as undecipherable as the stimulus bill. (I did add my $11.52 at McD's yesterday, and in return got a sweet game for Micah's show and tell today. Some good deeds get rewarded.)
I know what I have to do, but it doesn't make it any easier.

This is the current state of my basement.
And this
And this

What? We only built our house two years ago? We shouldn't be struggling with defects like this yet?
That's what I thought.
All the rain over the past two days has revealed a few small issues with the foundation that can no longer remain neglected.
They discovered a few more underlying problems yesterday. After they had ripped off layers of carpet, pad, baseboard, paint, and drywall. After they had disgorged gallons of reeking tar and caulk. After they had run hoses down walls and under windows.

The solution?
Well, part of the solution is more technical than I really care to know--creating drains, installing sump pumps, yada, yada, yada.
But how can I let them tear out my babies?
And all of these?

How can it possibly be my gardenias' fault? They did nothing wrong. They bring such joy. They make me so happy.
And now they are to be resigned to the green waste barrel, before they've even lived out the measure of their creation. Before they've even bloomed.
To make way for more concrete.

Here's the dilhemma:
Basement or flowers.
It's a harder decision than you might think.

I'm still hoping for a miracle.


  1. So unfair! It's so not their fault, or yours. I am sorry for your pain and loss. Sorry to hear about the troubles with JC and baby N as well. I hope you're feeling better about the whole mess. Jamie

  2. OH NO!!! I feel your pain! Somehow all the upheavel and fuss just makes it worse!! I can't believe your gardienas will suffer - I would offer you to transplant them in my yard but we both know what will really happen to them here!

    Love ya

  3. Keep the flower, let the ground dry out and when the flowers go dormant transplant them, than re do the work.

  4. Can't you just replant them somewhere else?

  5. Yep, you need to replant those babies!

    Sorry about your foundation issues. That's really disappointing when you've got a new house and it already has problems. Sheesh.