Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Love him or hate him.
Voted for him or voted against him.
John McCain.
I was in the ambivalent, wanted-Romney-but-I'll-settle-for-anyone-but-Obama camp.
But--our senator, from the great state of AZ was quoted in the paper today.
"We are now committing an act of generational theft. . . . "
He has proposed alternate plans.
He's trying to stand up to the Dems, and he can only keep his finger in the dike a few moments longer.
He's rallied the Republicans to stand together (the House was more obedient than the Senate. Take that Snowe, Specter, and Collins).
Thank you, Senator McCain.
Keep voting for us and our children.
And Senator Kyl. We love you too.

Now, I'm planning on a little economic stimulus of my own--takin' the boys to McDonald's for lunch.
No one can accuse me of not doing my part.
Epiphany #36--It can't hurt to give just a little.

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