Monday, February 9, 2009


If I ran my family as incoherently as Congress runs our country:

  • no chores would ever be done--we'd still be in a meeting deciding whose job was whose
  • no Scouts would get finished--they would be deemed politically incorrect
  • no spelling words would be corrected--who is to decide what's right and what's wrong?
  • no one would know what to wear to school--it wasn't in the morning memo
  • no clothes would be ironed for Church--whose job is that, because nobody wants to do that
  • no library books would be returned (okay, this does sometimes happen. Me and Harry Reid)--they would have been mislaid or misappropriated to others
  • no dinner would ever be made--that's not woman's work anymore, but no one else is home then
  • no instruments would be practiced--achievement has been watered down so everyone gets the reward
  • no groceries would ever be bought--all surplus money in the account would be awarded to the poor and indolent
  • no lessons would ever be taught--what is morality and virtue?
  • no diapers would ever be changed--menial labor is beneath me
  • no one would get in the bath--baths use too much water. Use recycled, biodegradable paper towels.
  • we would be operating with a huge debt that I would pass on to my kids, and
  • most importantly, no one's lives would be structured, directed or purposeful, just like Congress.
Just stand up and represent the people you've been elected to represent. Cut the crap and do your job. Work for us--The people of a republican, democratic country.
'nuff said.


  1. hello! i found your blog from natalie's blog today. i'm emily:-) i had to come leave a comment b/c i laughed so hard reading your comment today about her being sure she didn't vote for obama. i said the same thing to my husband this morning! i commented back to natalie about the entire ordeal on her post today, thanks for reminding me!

  2. Well said! You are so right - too bad Obama won't be reading your blog.:)