Monday, February 2, 2009

Resolution Recap

Remember post-Christmas December? That time in our lives where we reflect and vow to be better? (Mom, click on the highlighted text, and it will take you back to that post)
Today is the one-month update on those vows:
#1--I've been great on the prayer, only missing morning prayer one day. I've adopted a morning mantra--"Drop and give Me five." And it's really worked. Scripture reading--decided to start the BoM at Alma, and I'm in chapter 20-something. Not quite a chapter a day, but I've gotten a little in every day. And the smile thing--well, sometimes I remember that challenge and sometimes I don't. But when I do, it's like having a string around my finger, reminding me of my goals.
Evaluation--75%. Not too shabby.
#2--Ahh. Organization. That little segment of the day when my inner Martha Stewart is allowed to run free. I've labeled drawers in my kitchen, reworked my pantry, and today mucked out the three little boys' closet. Such happiness. Such joy. Such impermanence. Finding myself unhinged at a misplaced wooden spoon may be a little too OCD. I did miss maybe 2 days all month.
Evaluation--95%. But they will all need an adjustment sooner or later . . .
#3--The sugar vow. This is one of those decisions in life that is made easier the more people know about it. My YW all know, so I can't break down in front of them; my friends all know, so sneaking a handful of Reese's pieces at bookclub is out; and my family knows, so if the brownie pan is half-gone after school, there are only so many suspects. But, I am proud to tell you, that I have not succumbed. Ok. I did have a piece of bread and honey one night, and one morning I forgot about syrup being on the list (how could I, as a devoted ELF fan?), but I have not had so much as one jelly bean in 38 days.
(Editor's note: This PMS/Superbowl weekend was a trial of commitment. But I made it. An entire bag of pretzels was the only casualty.)
Evaluation--99%. I always tell Brad that I'm an "all or nothing" gal.
#4--Not so good on the wait 30 seconds thing. Not really surprising, but I have had a few small successes. I stewed over dealing with a YW issue for two weeks before I reacted. And I think it was dealt with correctly. With my kids, maybe once or twice I did this, but I don't think anyone noticed.
Evaluation--2.5%. Definitely still an issue of concern.
#5--Been better on the procrastination, but not great. I tried to convince Brad of the value of this before Church yesterday, and all he could say was, "The more the wife nags, the less likely I am to do it."
Evalution--15%. But I realize that this must be accomplished individually. Not as a couple.

Overall--About a C-.
Now all of cyberspace knows my achievement and failure. Better next time? Absolutely.

How are you doing with yours? Have you kept to it, or are you throwing caution to the wind?

Don't forget, just because it's now February!
Epiphany #29--Self-improvement shouldn't be reserved for January only!


  1. What?? C minus? No. B+. You're too hard on yourself.

  2. Great on 3 out of 5 earns at least a B+ in m book too!!

    I need to do the organizing too.

    Love ya,

    PS: my word verification is you think they know who comments?

  3. Nice to have a daughter who is serious about improvement in all areas of her life. I always thought she needed very little improvement.

  4. Your mom is so sweet, I hope you know how blessed you are! I think you are doing quite well, sorry your friend at book club was so inconsiderate and didn't put out anything sugarless for her stalwart book buddy to snack on. What a loser!

  5. it is sorta fun to rub it in her face with teh chocolate thing though...