Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Formal 2009

To the tune of "Saturday" (Children's hymns p. 196)

Saturday was a special day. It was the day we got ready for Formal!
We did Heidi's hair and bought Tucker's shirt,

And made Heidi's dress two inches shorter!

We found Tucker's tie and got Heidi's food,

and took Lily to see all of my beautiful Laurels.

Then the kids drove off and we realized--

Hyrum's face hadn't been washed since it was Friday!

Please refer to Epiphany #9


  1. Heidi's dress is gorgeous-looks like you made it just for her. They both look fabulous. Hope they had a great night. As for Hyrum's face-isn't that par for the course when you are the youngest part of 7 kids?

  2. Such talent!! what a clever entry. Where's the pic of Heidi and her date?

  3. Where did you ever find a dress like that with GOOD sleeves? My grandchildren are gorgeous!*

    *See Hyrum

  4. you should see the pictures the semi pro photographer took, they look sorta like engagement photos...weird i know =) but we love amyjust the same!