Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Tale of Monster Mom

I am a different person when awakened unexpectedly.
And this, I cannot control.
I am not a night person. I don't do well without at least 8 hours of sleep. (see my profile) And the combination of teenagers and babies is lethal to my precarious balance of slumber and Tasmanian Devil.

Last night, we played Catan with Brad's sister Nancy until late. (The victor? Of course it was me.) Ben's friends hung around watching movies until late. Tucker and his friend Joe practiced the foil fights from "Three Musketeers" until late. Heidi and her friends came in after a play and chatted until late. And, of course, I had to post about my beautiful flowers before bed. This put me almost over the insanity edge. I crawled into bed around 1 am. I never do that.

At 6:58 am, the stirrings began. I could hear three little boys laughing and talking in the next room. I was still two hours shy of optimal, and at least an hour shy of civil, so I asked my dearest to get up for breakfast duty. Which he willingly and lovingly did.
Blissful slumber returned quickly.
7:15 am, and an unfamiliar sound starts to enter my dreams--what is it?

Brad's psycho alarm. In the two years we've owned this clock, I have never been able to completely understand its personality. No matter what, I cannot get it to turn off!
First attempt--fumble fumble fumble with the buttons on the back.
Ah. Silence.
7:20 am, and the same sound encroaches in on the dreamland discussion of bathtubs and sisters.
What! Again!
Second attempt--rip the cord from the wall.
Ah. Return to sleep.
7:20 am, and who has a five-minute snooze anyway?!
Battteries. Of course.

Ah. Return to sleep. Clock disabled. Sanity will be restored.
7:58 am, and what is that?
Oh. Now it's the phone.
Better get up anyway. I can't destroy that. I might need it later.

At least I'd reached civil.
Epiphany #34--Too much technology can ruin even the best dreams.


  1. I am the same way with my sleep. My husband doesn't get it--he gets by just fine with 5 or 6 hours. And I didn't know you guys played Settlers. We are addicted. We'll have to play sometime.

  2. Hope you can scan a picture of Kaya. And were you on holidays when you went through Belgium, Germany and France?

  3. I want to buy the Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR. There is already a new type (the 50D) but that one is much more expensive. And a lens is more important than the body so I decided to buy the older version with some good lenses. I asked the company when it will arrive but they couldn't give me an anwser. So I have to be patient...

    Too bad traveling to Europe is not the case anymore. But well, I guess it is better to have your relatives around you. X