Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Gift of Your Reply Is Requested

My post yesterday seems to have been a little misconstrued.
I'm glad that people will start following advice that will lead to stronger families.
I just hated the source it came from, appearing like they know everything that's best for us, when in actuality they just happened upon a simple effective truth.

Not the purpose of my post today.
This is the purpose.
Heidi and I are visiting NY for her senior trip. We're planning on a few days in the Palmyra area and then a few days in the city.


I've read the guide book and websites, but I can't seem to figure out the best places to stay and the best things to see and the best places to eat.
Here's where you all come in!
Have you ever seen the Church history sights in the Palmyra area? What's not-to-miss ?
What about NYC? The temple? Broadway? Museums? Eateries?
I'd love some tried-and-true help from y'all.
So, if you've got a minute,
drop me some advice!


  1. Sorry, I'm still on yesterday.
    AMEN again.

    I'll be thinking on the NY thing and get back to you.

  2. There's so much to see in NYC it's hard to narrow it down. Definitely as much Broadway as possible. I loved eating at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. Had the best cobb salad of my life! And I loved the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    But everyone likes different things so that's hard to say if you'll love all the same things as I did. For example, Devon is still really jealous that I saw the Diamondbacks play the Yankees in Yankee stadium while I was there, but that definitely was not my favorite thing of the trip. (We went for my dad.) I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong--there's so much to do that you won't be disappointed whatever you choose. Now I'm quite jealous and wishing I were going!!

  3. Jenny, I would refer you to my many long and extensive posts from our trip to Palmyra and New York. We didn't have a lot of time, and didn't want to spend a lot of money. So, we don't have many eating out recommendations, but we sure SAW a lot. Click around a few days before and after this post for more information.

    And...I'm jealous. I want to go again.

  4. First and foremost, whilst in Palmyra, you just have to do ALL sights. There are not THAT many, and they're all worth seeing/going to. I really love the original home, the grove and the Granden Press, oh, and I highly reccommend hiking to the top of the Hill Cumorrah and reading a bit out of the ol' BofM while up there. I did that with a good friend of mine many years ago and it was awesome. As for NYC, hello, could you give me a more fun topic? You Must, MUST go to Central Park and the Bethesda Fountain, it's totally my favorite. The carriage ride around the park is lame, so don't waste your money on it. Also, I LOVE to take the Staten island Ferry, just 'cause you get a great view of the statue of Liberty without having to go over there. Plus, it's a free ferry ride and lovely all at the same time. The NBC studio tour is totally cool, and honestly, if you can get a tour of Radio City Music Hall, that is AMAZING!!! As far as shows that are going on right now, not a lot to choose from. I personally would go see Mary Poppins, 'cause everyone I've talked to loved seeing it. There is a deli that we love that I'll have to remember the name and address of. Other than that, just keep in mind, stay off the main Times Square to eat. The side streets have way more reasonably priced places and they're better too. Ok, hope that gave you something to work with. ::sniff sniff:: wish I was going to New York. You guys are gonna have so much fun!!!

    Oh, and might I just add here, it makes me so happy that you update nearly every day. I find myself getting on just to see if you've got a new update. Thanks!

  5. I have nothing special to add to the trip notes. Hiking to the top of Hill Cumorah as Allyson said is definitely worth it. We did that and even with our tiny kids (they were 5,3, and 1) it was an amazing experience. When are you heading out there?

    On an entirely different note I have to tell you I love your hair more each time I see you. It's fabulous! Jamie

  6. The two areas are difficult to split as they both need adequate time to really enjoy. I would go to Niagra Falls and spend as much time as possible in the Palmyra area...and less time in The City. Just my personal preference. Go to the Grove when there will be the fewest people...perhaps during the week and first thing in the morning. Sing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" while you are there.

  7. Oh...and when in the city...go to Macy's and look at (and feel) the amazing fur coats in their fur section.