Friday, March 6, 2009


Thanks for all your insight into NY. I'm going to listen to all of it. Except for maybe Robin's idea to pet fur coats at Macy's. This sent me rolling, because no one has a sense of excitement like Robin. Sometime I'll have to tell you about the time we ditched sacrament meeting and went to Mass in SLC and she took communion . . .

Nothing profound today. Just a quick update on each of the Sanatorium's occupants (mostly for Grandma and Grandpa T!).

Baby C: still here, still chubby, still easy. That girl will sleep anywhere from 11 to 13 hours every night! Can't complain about that! Don't really know how much longer she'll be here, but we enjoy her.

Baby A: still happy, beginning tantrum phase, still needs his "coffee" (sippy of juice) whenever he wakes up. He has a little mischievous side that's sparking. Love it!

Hyrum: still runs everywhere he goes (occasionally too fast for his body to keep up with his feet), in the middle of the tantrum phase, still sneaks his pacy and silky off his bed at any opportune moment. He is starting to talk, and he loves to help me do anything in the kitchen that involves a sharp knife.

Micah: still charming, mostly happy, genuinely loves his family. Micah is starting to read, and I can't express the joy I feel watching him sound out words and figure out stories. His line of the week: "Mom, do I have a water mustache?"

Lily: still loves Mom the best, doing better in spelling, still the diva. She loves every second she gets to rehearse Annie, and can't wait for the all-day rehearsal on Saturday, because she gets to take a snack! Want tickets? Let me know.

Ben: still disappears into a book whenever Mom asks him to work, still dedicated to doing homework right after school, hardly any teenage attitude yet. Ben is the mellower of our home, and even though he is so busy with two different wrestling teams, he is still kind to his family. He had his first intramural meet yesterday, and he went 2-0-1, but if you ask him (or me or our friends watching him), he should have been 3-0.

Tucker: still sings, still writes songs, still plays his guitar, still unemployed. Tucker is the one member of our family who could collect unemployment. Since the beginning of the year, he has submitted over 65 job applications without a single interview. Luckily, he loves to use wrapping paper rolls to sword fight with all the little boys at our house!

Heidi: still kindhearted, still busy with school, beginning to look at life outside these walls. She spent some time looking at BYU-I housing online yesterday, and that got her excited. She's ready for Sadie's tomorrow, and she's sick to death of all the girl drama associated with being in charge of a group of 11 couples. Don't really blame her.

Jen: still allergic to AZ spring, still sniffling and sneezing, still loving my gardenias (no, there's still no verdict on fixing the basement. Or progress on fixing it, either.). Nothing really with me. Just need to find a new 2nd counselor since mine was pilfered by the stake. Somehow, I've lost my driver's license, and now I don't know how I'll get into the zoo today, like I promised Micah. Wish me luck.

Brad: still gardening, still two-armed, still hot! Brad was supposed to have rotator cuff surgery yesterday, but it was postponed when he got an infection in his hand. Slated to occur on the 26th. He is the instigator when it comes to all the boys wrestling like puppies every night, or as Micah calls it, "play tickle monster."

A very profound post is percolating in my brain. Maybe I can get it to pop out tomorrow, kind of like Athena, but not quite as wise!


  1. Thanks, that was just what I always want. What's this about Brad needing surgery?

  2. You're all wrong about skipping the petting of the fur coats...I'm just sayin'!!!